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Karl-Friedrich Schinkel is well known as one of the most famous German architects. His neo-classical style pieces of work combine beauty and convenience. In Berlin he built the Neue Wache (New Guard House), the concert hall Schauspielhaus, and the Old Museum to name a few of his most famous constructions. As the most senior Prussian building director he heavily influenced all construction activities in and around Berlin at the time.

Schauspielhaus Berlin







In this sense we have made it our mission, to continue the construction of exclusive villas on the highest level, taking into consideration the demands of today’s clients.

Schinkel Bau und Immobilien, Ltd. also offers high quality individual designs for enthusiasts of modern architectural styles, like Bauhaus Style, promising to always integrate modern environmentally sound and energy-saving technologies.

As a respectable and innovative medium-sized corporation we offer you the assurance of professional planning and realisation of your individual building project. We guarantee first-class quality and stand for it with our name.

Photo: Karl Friedrich Schinkel (born1781 / deceased 1841)

Karl Friedrich Schinkel






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